The Miracle Box©

Reed Records Management features the “Miracle Box” by Paige that is the industry standard  for records storage. The Miracle Box is designed to accommodate both letter ( 8-1/2” X 11” ) and legal ( 8-1/2” X 14” ) size documents or files. It is engineered to be the sturdiest box available, featuring double wall construction. At 1.5 cubic feet, it is the ideal records storage box. The days of folding flap  “A” over flap ‘B” are over. The miracle box makes assembling a box so simple that even a monkey can do it. In stock and available for immediate delivery.
We currently have a sale on these boxes. Buy 10 get 2 FREE, or buy 20 and get 5 FREE! There is no limit to this sale, so buy as many as you would like! Delivery is free to customers in Wayne County.

Office Consoles

The “Ergo” cabinet is designed to blend into the office environment. Cabinet remains locked until certified destruction occurs. The features include built in handles, extra thick edging, 90# capacity and is fully compliant with NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) code 101. Dimensionally, this cabinet stands at 19”W X 17” D X 35” H.  Cabinets are placed at NO CHARGE to Reed Records Management customers.

Destruction Carts

We offer two sizes of rolling bins to best suite your needs. We have a 65-Gallon and a 96-Gallon capacity bin. These containers are ideal for "purge" projects. Both can easily fit into an office closet, or simply place it in your warehouse. Both models feature a locking lid to keep all documents secure until it is time for destruction.

The “EDGE” is a 65-G (65 gallon) cart, which can handle 230 pounds of material. Designed for use in a storage closet or loading dock location. Ideal for “purge” projects. The featured forward-facing, deep deflector pocket prevents visibility and access to contents. The secured (locking) lid fully wraps around with an overhang of 1 ¼”. This prevents entry into the lid corners and maximizes content security. This is the most secure lid design, in the Document Destruction Industry.  Cushion 10” wheels make for easy rolling, especially while cart is full. There is NO CHARGE to Reed Records Management customers for this rolling cart both on scheduled pick-ups and one-time purge events.  25 1/8”W x 29 ½”D x 42 1/3”H  Weight 37 lbs.

Toter Confidential Document Cart 
The Toter Confidential Document Cart holds a massive 96 gallons, which equates to nearly 350 pounds. Designed for large use applications, purge projects and dock locations. Manufactured with a patented stress-free Advanced Rotational Molding process that provides superior product durability The 10” wheels offers super easy maneuvering, offering the industry’s best tilt-to-roll ratio even when completely full. The locking lid option includes the hasp-and-padlock system. It is engineered to meet ANSI standards for safety and lifter compatibility. Each cart contains up to 50% recycled content and is 100% recyclable 36”L x 29.75” W x 43.5” H. There is NO CHARGE to Reed Records Management customers for this rolling cart both on scheduled pick-ups and one-time purge events.


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