Records Information Management (RIM)

Benefits of Professional Records Management

As technology advances, the volume of business records and information grows at an exponential rate. As the modern business attempts to capitalize on the best available technology along with the growth of records and information, it becomes apparent that compliance with federal law and insulation from litigation, can only be achieved with diligent business practices. Information governance is the law! It is much broader than what one does, it is what one can prove.

The Mission of Reed Records Management is:

  • To provide the most accurate information available utilizing the best available technology.
  • To provide requested information in the shortest possible time-frame.
  • To provide records management services at competitive prices.

Employees and staff are your most valuable assets and are best utilized in a productive capacity, focusing on core business objectives.
From its creation, during usage, retrieval, refiling, retention and final disposal, a document/record,  in particular the governance of personal and sensitive information is the responsibility of every business. (CFR 16*314.3 Standards for safeguarding customer Information)
Reed Records Management preserves and protects your documents to ensure that records are accessible when you need them. We maintain state-of-the-art Records Information Management software on off-site servers to offer the security that business demands. An audit trail is established when a record is inducted into our system. Every subsequent “event” during  the life-cycle of a record, is documented and maintained for future reference, using bar-code technology. The current location, description, contents, destroy date/permanently retain flag and whose in possession of a record, is at our fingertips, as well as yours.
Reed Records Management specializes in various types of documents but not limited to the following:

  • Medical records
  • Company Confidential Files
  • Case Studies
  • Manuscripts
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Title Work
  • Patient Files / Health Records
  • Student Records

Records Storage

Through all the stages of life for records, be it active, semi-active or inactive records, Reed Records Management provides customized, cost-effective document management solutions. Our clean, modern steel-and-concrete warehouse features a monitored intrusion alarm, NFPA compliant fire suppression system,a climate controlled environment free from rodents and insects and is the secure home to hundreds of thousands of documents for our valued clients.
Floor space commands a cost that is compounded by a file cabinet requiring twice as much space, as the drawers need to be opened. Inactive files crowd out active files, making important files difficult and time consuming to find. Files tend to expand and fill the space available. Unchecked, files will continue to grow until they fill all of the available space. Statistically, 75% of all records stored in filing cabinets, can be moved to inactive storage.


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